The Light-Bearer’s Daughter

Life has been good for Dana with her single-parent father until the day he tells her they are leaving Ireland. This means the death of her dream that her mother, who disappeared when she was little, might return to find them. Then Dana is given new hope when a mysterious ‘Lady’ sends her on a mission into the mountains. Thus begins an adventure filled with wonders such as child-like boggles, a talking wolf, a saint who tames monsters. Stalking Dana's quest are two great threats: the creature that lives to kill and a dark memory buried deep inside her.

Excerpt with illustrations, online Journal of Mythic Arts, July-August 2007

The richly integrated, vivid fantasy scenes balance and support the strident calls for environmental protection and world peace; and the characters’ deep, private passages through "layers of storied memory" will bring the issues home for readers.

Winner Green Earth Book Award, 2008
ALA Top 10 Youth Books for the Environment, 2008
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