The Book of Dreams

Since the dawn of time, the world of humans and the world of fairies have hung like two shining apples on the Tree of Life - separate yet linked together, one providing dreams and the other, dreamers. Now a dark enemy has destroyed all connection between the two, thus dooming both. It is up to Dana of The Light-Bearer's Daughter, half-fairy, half-mortal, to bridge the worlds again. The key to her quest lies in the Book of Dreams. But this magic book is hidden far from Dana's home in Ireland and finding it will take her on an epic journey through a new world of danger and wonder. She does not quest alone. With her comes Jean, a handsome young French Canadian with  secrets of his own, and two veteran Companions of Faerie, Gwen of The Hunter's Moon and Laurel of The Summer's King.

A magnificent romp through history, geography, lore, language, legend and literature ... with prose and imagery that sparkles and dances to rhythms of Melling's own making.    
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